It's an integral part of who we are,
how we operate, and how we see the future.

At IAC Applications, diversity and inclusion are central to our corporate values and essential to our success as a global organization. Our employees need to reflect the rich cultural, ethnic and gender diversity of our markets in order to create the innovative ideas for which IAC Applications is known. Attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce is a priority that we regularly measure and monitor.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are proof positive that inclusion is a way of life at IAC Applications. ERGs are communities within IAC Applications where team members with common interests or backgrounds connect and bring their collective voices together. Do you love photography, fitness, or the environment? Do you share a cultural background or special interest with other employees? Chances are you’ll find a network of people with similar interests and/or needs. ERGs help us create a sense of community and build enduring relationships inside and outside of IAC Applications.
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