We are IAC Applications

As the world evolves, so does IAC Applications. We're developers, designers, marketers and tech gurus who create products that simplify and enrich people’s lives.

We Innovate. Systematically. Continuously. Successfully.

Since we started in 1999, we’ve found that the best ideas are the ones that make life better, easier and more fun. Through innovation we redefine the boundaries of what the internet can do. From the desktop to the laptop and everywhere mobile can go, IAC Applications is taking your work and play to the next level.
Employee Innovation
Employee Innovation. Our employees are the heart of innovation at IAC Applications. While every company recruits for values, intelligence, and experience - we also seek those with an innovative spirit. We give our employees the right tools, the right culture, and enough autonomy to explore their curiosities to create products that transcend traditional boundaries.
Collaboration. Collaboration is a key lever in our innovative process. We foster an open environment where teams can share ideas freely. From our open seating plan to the inclusive way we develop new products, collaboration is inherent in IAC Applications' culture. Casual meetings in the cafe. Brainstorming sessions over ping pong. Ideas flow allowing us to operate at the speed of a startup while maintaining the vision and experience of a veteran tech company.
Growth. Our customer-driven innovation process drives growth. We continually invest in research and development to find inventive new ways to delight our customer and partners. Using customer insights and data driven decision-making, we solve problems and develop new products to fit our customers’ needs.
Global Prescence
Global Presence. IAC Applications continues to expand its business into new markets and new product segments. Our global workforce consists of six offices around the globe including: New York City, NY; Yonkers, NY; Oakland, CA; Boulder, CO; Minsk, Belarus; Dublin, Ireland. In each location you will find a talented and focused team working at the top of their game to innovate and help IAC Applications reach its full potential.